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A complete financial analysis of all the 158 (as at December 2023) UK incorporated banks.

Published: June and December each year. Supplied as a book and on CD (and / or emailed) in Excel.

Bank League Tables is an analysis of the profit and loss account and balance sheet for every UK incorporated bank.

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"...extremely useful...very beneficial."

Managing Director, Hampshire Trust Plc

"...informative and useful..."

Chief Executive Officer, Anglo Romanian Bank

"We find Bank League Tables extremely useful." Birmingham Bank Ltd

"A really good publication." Cambridge and Counties Bank

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Information Sheets 

Bank League Tables include an Information Sheet for each bank. The new 2024 edition includes 158 Information Sheets. Each one breaks down the profit and loss account and balance sheet for the past 5 years. Also included are nine ratios and rates.


League Tables

Bank League Tables includes fifteen League Tables of leading figures, ratios and rates for the latest year, taken from each Information Sheet.


The League Tables are:


Pre-tax profit

Total assets


Return on assets

Return on capital


Capital / assets

Pre-tax profit growth

Pre-tax profit growth (4 year average)

Asset growth

Capital growth

Average remuneration per employee

Pre-tax profit per employee

Remuneration of chairman

Remuneration of highest paid director


Which Banks are included?

The only banks that are included are those that appear in the Bank of England's LIST OF BANKS that is updated monthly.


Download Sample pages (not current) here:

Information Sheet

League Tables


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