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Established 1987

Searchline Publishing has, since 1987, published databases / mailing lists of UK Veterinary Surgeries and Dental Surgeries, Veterinary and Dental Supplier directories, Bank League Tables, fiction and non-fiction books and magazines.
Databases carry a minimum 99.75% postal address accuracy guarantees.


Veterinary Surgeries & Dental Surgeries

Searchline Publishing publishes the UK's leading databases of Dental Surgeries and Veterinary Surgeries.

They are the most comprehensive and accurate databases available and both carry a guarantee of minimum 99.75% postal address accuracy or your money back.

The databases are output to book and CD, providing names and addresses in Microsoft Word, and the complete databases in Excel format, to enable mailshots, telesales, reference and database.

The databases include, as available, email addresses, websites, fax numbers, contact names and more.

There are no restrictions on the use of the databases that we sell to you. You may not resell the data but there are no other restrictions on either how often or for how long that you use the data, although the data will slowly become more and more out of date so it would be expedient to obtain an update from us from time to time.


Searchline Publishing's Data Controller, John Hemming-Clark, is registered


Taking data seriously

Since 2019 purchasers of the current edition of "DENTISTS! The Complete Guide to Dental Surgeries in the UK" and "VETS! The Complete Guide to Veterinary Surgeries in the UK" can, during the life of the edition (up to one year), rest assured that the email addresses that we supply have specific opt-in consent (email or verbal) if so required so long as purchasers are bona-fide suppliers of dental / veterinary specific goods and services. Those that haven't given or have withdrawn consent are clearly marked.
The consent given is a tick box in an email or a verbal agreement to the following:
"We consent to receiving sales / marketing material via email from third party suppliers of dental / veterinary specific goods and services that have obtained our details from Searchline Publishing." Consent may be withdrawn at any time by email to


Read what others have to say about our data...

"Thanks for the email addresses which has saved us months of research".

Acerdent Ltd, manufacturers and suppliers of over 300 high precision dental diamond burs and custom made industrial diamond drills.

 "Extremely comprehensive".

Advanced Chrome Design LLPdental laboratory dedicated to producing the highest quality Chrome Cobalt Castings.

"This is a great service, thank you very much...Very good database service."

Carestream Dental, the only company that manufactures the entire range of dental  imaging solutions from high speed x-ray films to state of the art digital imaging solutions.


 "...pleasantly surprised to find we have had a few positive enquiries..."

Clark Dental, The family of dental specialists with over 30 years experience in surgery design and equipment solutions.

 "Most useful and have recommended it to several of our associates..."

D M G UK Ltd, manufacturer and provider of high quality dental materials.

"Very pleased – much work has gone into this".

The Dentistry Business, business education for principals, practice managers and dental nurses.

"...proving to be really useful."

Eclipse Veterinary Software Ltd, a newly-formed and dedicated development team producing software for equine and veterinary clients worldwide.

"Extremely satisfied...thank you."

Ethicon, a division of Johnson & Johnson Medical, worldwide leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing wound closure and reinforcement products.

"Thanks for this it's proving very useful."

Hutton Marketing

"...great service and a very professional [Veterinary Surgery] database."

Instrumentation Concept, Supplier of equine dental equipment , small animal dental & veterinary surgical instruments.

"Very pleased with the databases".

Lloyd & Whyte Ltd, specialist provider of insurance services to Professional Affinity Groups and their members.

"Great…thank you".

Network Open Ltd, specialist recruitment solutions to the Dental, Optical, Social Work sectors in the UK.

"Really pleased."

P G Mutualincome protection for professionals.

"Thanks…all the information we needed…just what we wanted…all very accurate…"

Polkacrest Ltd, leading supplier of professional, sustainable, clinical waste management solutions.

"...we purchased a list of veterinary surgeries for a mail shot...very happy with [it] ..."

Poltec Ltd, specialising in the manufacture of veterinary equipment.

"...very pleased with the products" [dental and veterinary lists].

Practice Finance Solutions, with over twenty years' experience in providing funding to the Professions.

"Very comprehensive."

Premier Vet Alliance, offering a range of services that encourage clinical compliance, the highest standards of pet care and business growth.

"Excellent database of dental surgeries."

Septodont Ltd, innovative, safe and effective solutions for dentistry worldwide.

"Thanks for the databases. They are great and have all the information we needed, just what we wanted and all very excellent service".

SITA UK, recycling and resource management company.

“Great database - we can now inform even more dental practices about our cost saving dental products.”, an independent online dental store offering high quality dental materials and instruments.


Unex Designs Ltd, product design, marketing and fulfilment.

"...very helpful." Vet Way Ltd, dedicated to improving animal health and welfare through manufacturing and distributing a comprehensive range of animal health and veterinary products.

"Very good".

Vetoquinol, the 10th largest veterinary company in the world.


Terms and Conditions for DENTISTS! and VETS! databases supplied by Searchline Publishing

1. Definitions

In this Agreement they have the following meanings:

"DENTISTS" means "The Complete Guide to Dental Surgeries in the UK" database as described on Searchline Publishing's website and supplied as a CD in Excel and a hard copy book.

"VETS" means "The Complete Guide to Veterinary Surgeries in the UK" database as described on Searchline Publishing's website and supplied as a CD in Excel and a hard copy book.

"List Price" means the price paid by the Customer for DENTISTS and / or VETS provided by Searchline Publishing.

2. Restrictions of use of database

2.1  Use of DENTISTS and VETS is restricted to the purchaser of same unless permission has been obtained from Searchline Publishing to use same on behalf of a third party.

2.2 There is no restriction as to for how long or how often DENTISTS and / or VETS is used.

2.3 Email addresses may only be used to market dental / veterinary-relevant goods and services or to provide dental / veterinary-relevant material.

2.4 In order to conform with GDPR email addresses that include "DONOTEMAIL" in the email field(s) must not be used to email.

3. Use of Information

3.1 Telephone and fax numbers included in DENTISTS and VETS have not been screened against a Telephone Preference Service Registration file and Fax Preference Service Registration file.

4. List Price & Payment

4.1 The Customer shall pay Searchline Publishing the List Price for DENTISTS and VETS.

4.2 Pre-payment is required from the Customer before any order can be processed unless otherwise agreed.

4.3 If Searchline Publishing agrees to supply DENTISTS or VETS on an invoice for the List Price then the invoice shall become payable within 7 days.

4.4 Searchline Publishing reserves the right to charge interest on any outstanding balance unpaid after 30 days at the rate of 4% per annum above the base rate of The Bank of England and an additional 8% for compensation as stated by the Late Payments Act of 1998.

5. Obligations of Searchline Publishing

Searchline Publishing undertakes with the Customer:

5.1 To use reasonable endeavours to notify the Customer of any major errors or defects in manufacture of DENTISTS and / or VETS and to specify where possible the manner of correction;

5.2 To notify customers that have bought the current edition of any unsubscribe requests received by Searchline Publishing;

5.3 Upon receipt of an order and payment by the Customer to provide DENTISTS and / or VETS as requested by the Customer the same day electronically with CD and hard copy to be posted within two working days;

5.4 To provide a refund of the postage at cost for each undeliverable item sent by post which was sent by the Customer to a surgery and / or contact name on DENTISTS and / or VETS using the current edition(s) that is returned to Searchline Publishing at any time but only once per record.

Kindly note that email addresses are not covered by our current data guarantees due to higher than normal decay rates, soft bounce ratio and the many variables regarding server security settings but any undeliverable emails due to dead domains will be investigated and alternative email addresses provided where available.

Contact names are not covered by our current data guarantees as we do not proactively check the accuracy of same but see 5.4.

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